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 The Compliance Phone

The Compliance Phone™ is a standalone non-ATDS phone that enables you to call wireless (cellular) telephones
in total compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulation.

Web-Based Reporting Tools

Gain insight into user activity across your entire organization with our web-based portal. Generate reports on things like call detail, or search for dial history on a specific number.
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STIR/SHAKEN Authentication

As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, QVD can terminate calls directly to other carriers; digitally signing & delivering your calls with full attestation.
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TCPA Attorney Verified

Verified by Michele Shuster, of MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP, in a 288-page legal opinion letter & based on “The Compliance Phone Technology” by IP attorney Christine McCarthy; available upon request.
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Unlimited Calling Plan

The Compliance Phone comes with unlimited calling within the US, plus core features like voicemail, call transferring & conference calling.
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Custom Caller ID

Customize each users’ caller ID to display a location-specific telephone number, or any other telephone number designated by your business.
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Dedicated Telephone Number

Every device includes a dedicated telephone number that has been fully authenticated under the STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID authentication framework.
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  • What is The Compliance Phone™? How does set-up work?

    The Compliance Phone™ is a non-ATDS telephone (also known as a non-Automated Telephone Dialing System) that enables you to call wireless telephones in total compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). We will provide you with the telephone & an assigned number. Once received, simply connect the phone directly into your router or modem using a Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

  • What is the purpose? Why do I need it?

    With the increase in TCPA class action lawsuits and the potential liability and risk for a business, every organization that places telephone calls to current customers, former customers or prospects needs a compliant telephony solution for placing the calls. Our solution is an easy way to ensure that all users are being compliant by using a non-ATDS telephone to call wireless/cellular telephone numbers.

  • How do I know it protects me from TCPA regulation?

    The Compliance Phone is backed by a 288 page opinion letter provided by TCPA attorney Michele Shuster, managing partner of MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP. Shuster’s opinion letter is based on a detailed review of The Compliance Phone technology by IP attorney, Christine McCarthy of Barnes & Thornburg LLP.


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What We Do

As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, we specialize in providing reputation based telecom services.
Our propriety technology, and deep, rooted experience within the industry, enable us to digitally sign & deliver your calls with full attestation.


Cisco IP phones with unlimited calling in USA & CA and a full suite of calling features, like automated attended, SMS, follow-me & more. Plus, full authentication on EVERY call.
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As an Authorized STIR/SHAKEN Service Provider Company, QVD terminates directly to other SHAKEN carriers, digitally signing & delivering your calls with full attestation.
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We monitor – in real time – how your calls appear on all major wireless handsets; utilizing instant remediation to defend how your calls appear on over 50% of the wireless handsets in the USA.
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We maintain a robust inventory of telephone numbers in every market that are vetted in real-time against a leading authentication hub, so they’re not blocked/ labeled as spam.
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Text enable any landline or toll-free telephone number. DIDs & VoIP number work, too. Full suite of services, including APIs & managed endpoints.
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We have an extensive inventory of toll-free numbers that are designed to support nation-wide inbound calling programs. All of our toll-free numbers come with instant provisioning & can be text-enabled.
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